Common information

Practical and affordable lightweight SUV

Honda HR-V appeared to be one of the first mini SUV (sport utility vehicles). According to the producer website the abbreviation HR-V officially stands for Hi-rider Revolutionary Vehicle. And indeed, in many aspects the concept was brave and revolutionary. Based on the platform of the Honda Logo model has never claimed to be a serious jeep, although it’s off-road capabilities, especially in deep snow, mud or sand had appeared surprisingly good. The initial idea rather was for the market to be provided a compact and lightweight car, with relatively good fuel economy, that simultaneously provides improved off-road capabilities, increased visibility for the driver, increased maneuverability, and something as a lighter, compact and more affordable version of its large brother Honda CR-V. Many of the technologies in the suspension, engine and gearbox were directly taken from the Honda CR-V.

Target audience

Who was the model targeted at in aspect of marketing? According to Honda the HR-V model was aimed mainly at the young people with an active lifestyle and unconventional thinking. At the very beginning of the production the marketers from Honda called the HR-V model a “Joy Machine”.


Ad catalog picture of Honda HR-V, pre-facelift model with 3 doors (1998 – 2001).



Ad catalog picture of Honda HR-V, facelift model with 5 doors (2001-2006).



First generation Honda HR-V (1998-2006): a story from ex-owner