This section provides information about the interior of this exact model. This interior was installed in the facelift model after 2001. It’s characterized in that it is black in color, not blue as in the pre-facelift model.

The renovated interior is ergonomic and quality. Almost entirely used plastics and fabric, but the materials are high quality and pleasant to the touch. The salon is well-lit and provides the convenience of passengers.


Here everything is in place. Elements of the panel are arranged intuitively and comfortable to handle. Mileage is well lit and positioned so that it is always in the visible area of ​​the driver. All levers and buttons are arranged in a way that are easy to access. Assembly capacity. There are no gaps and gnashing. Air conditioning and heating are strong and quiet and circulation vaduh is very good. The flow of air in the cabin is well distributed and the windows do not sweat. Night lighting equipment is also nice and attracts with sports sensation in the red spectrum.

As inconvenience can be pointed the lack of an automatic air conditioning. There is no way to adjust the temperature and then give the control to the electronics to try to achieve and maintain it further. You only have manual control. Missing also an indication of outside temperature.

Ergonomics and comfort

The steering wheel is comfortable and lightweight. Hydraulic intensifier adequately. The position of the steering wheel is adjustable in height and depth.

Shifter is convenient and switching is accurate and enjoyable.

Armrests in the doors and behind the peel of passengers, are the exact height and offer comfort for the hands.

Right in front of the passenger front has two large glove boxes – a large lower and a smaller upper one. Stowage pockets in the doors are large, soft bars outside, and are a great place for your music discs.

There are many niches and shelves for small items in the dashboard and in the salon. Particularly convenient are numerous cylindrical cup holders, two front, placed in the lower part of the dashboard, and three behind. You cal rarely see similar facilities in other cars of those years.

There is no built-in ashtray in this car. It is sold as an option, with a cylinder form, and you can place it in any cup holder.


First it should be noted that the seats in the car are four rather than 4 +1. Front mounted are two seats. At the rear the car is also equipped with two seats. Both front and rear seats are wide and comfortable. In the car has a total of 4 pcs. seatbelts. The seats offer very good side support in the waist. Support the back and sitting on very pleasant. The triangular head restraints are surprisingly comfortable and easily adjustable in height. Overall seating position is very convenient. The visibility of any passenger in any direction is very good.

As a disadvantage may be noted only the lack of height adjustment of the seats. It would be appropriate to have a height adjustment of at least the driver’s seat.

Overall the interior is not suitable for very tall people, especially strongly felt limited legroom to rear passengers. In case in the front sit tall people they will be able to adjust comfortably the seats, but this will limit too much the legroom to rear passengers.

Overall the car was designed with care for medium people. If you are very tall or very large, this car most probably won’t fit you well.


The boot is not very big, but it is still one of the largest in the class of compact SUVs with 3 doors. According to the manufacturer’s specification the trunk volume is 283 liters. Rear backrests very easily fall directly ahead to give you twice as much luggage space with a flat floor.



First generation Honda HR-V (1998-2006): a story from ex-owner